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Auto Insurance in San Antonio, Texas – Lowering Premiums

Almost every state requires its licensed drivers to carry some type of auto insurance policy. Auto insurance in San Antonio, Texas is no different. The state does have minimum requirements in order for drivers to get behind the wheel legally. As several cities in Texas have set in place, San Antonio liability insurance is the city’s minimum.

The amounts of this San Antonio car insurance policy minimum can of course be increased if a driver wishes to do so. It is, in fact, a good idea to have a larger amount of coverage to protect yourself than just what the state requires. To get started or to get your quotes, though, you may want to start with just liability and move on from there.

How to Save on San Antonio Car Insurance Lowering Premiums on Auto Insurance in San Antonio

The first thing to decide is which type of San Antonio auto insurance coverage you want. You may even have a few you would like to consider, such as San Antonio liability insurance coverage or San Antonio collision car insurance.

Keep in mind the minimum for San Antonio liability insurance includes a $25,000 per person per accident for medical with a $50,000 minimum for all persons injured per accident. Finally, the personal property minimum set by the state of Texas is $25,000.

Other than that it is time to think about ways you may be able to save.

  • The best way to save on your San Antonio car insurance rates is to get quotes from policy providers waiting to compete for your business. Too many drivers settle for the first rate they come across just to secure a policy without waiting to see what premiums other San Antonio insurance providers may offer. Use the competitive edge by letting companies bid for your policy.
  • Be willing to change your other policies to one carrier. Most insurance providers will offer their potential policyholder’s discounts if they are willing to add their life, health, homeowners, boat or renters insurance to the same policy. Look into this option too when you ask for your quotes.
  • Keep your record clean. The better the driving record the better your rates for auto insurance in San Antonio will be. If you have had a collision or ticket and the three year period is up, check with your current provider to see if your premiums can be lowered. Also take this opportunity to get quotes and see if your record being cleaner helps you land even better car insurance rates in San Antonio. Avoid lapses in your auto insurance as well. Any gaps in car insurance coverage of greater than 30 days can cause your rates to be higher.

The Bottom Line

Getting the most for your dollar as a licensed driver means saving on your San Antonio auto insurance coverage. To get the best rates, start with the most competitive quotes for auto insurance in San Antonio. You can get the ball rolling with as little information as just your zip code. Let companies compete for your business, and get the best San Antonio car insurance rates on the market today.